19Mei17:0020:00THEATER CAFE


The purpose of Theatercafé is to give the audience the opportunity to meet the person behind the artist, in order to promote the many talented artists in Suriname and to grow the art & culture sector in Suriname. Per edition, an artist will tell his or her story, using a variety of storytelling, performance, interviews and guest speaker presentations. The whole set-up is that of a café, where visitors can buy drinks and snacks while enjoying the artist’s story. During this edition of Theatercafé, Aïda, artist name of Louise Eduard-Naarden, will tell her story.



19 Mei 2024 17:00 - 20:00 Theater Café - Het verhaal van Aïda, artist name of Louise Eduard-Naarden. Event by HB Media NV(GMT+02:00)